Hendrik Kanise Combined School


Hendrik Kanise Combined School is in Alicedale, a small settlement in Sarah Baartman District Municipality in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, situated on the banks of the Bushmans River.

Nearest cities are Makhanda and Port Elizabeth.

Hendrik Kanise was established in 1925 as a multi-racial church school. Back then it was called Wesleyan Native Day School which had only 4 teachers including the principal Mr Masoka and classes from Sub A to Standard 4.

Mr Masoka was then transferred to bigger schools because of his good job running the school. Then in 1927 the school got a new principal Mr W Mbethe and because the learners were increasing in numbers the teachers were also increased and the classes went from Sub A to Standard 6.

In 1933 the Department of Education decided that the school needed to be divided into two schools where we had black schools and coloured schools separately and that is when the school received a new name, Jolisa Phezulu.

After a couple of years, the school committee then decided that the school again needed to change its name and it was named after the committee chairperson Mr Hendrik Kanise.

In 1969 the school got new buildings in Nonzwakazi Location where it is still standing. The new school had 6 classes and one office with a New Principal Mr Mzileni with 13 Teachers, then the school went from Sub A to Standard 7.

In 1984 they got a new principal Mr V.M. Nqini and 3 years down the line changed to Mr Mbatha. In 1991 the school got a new Principal Mr Kosi who worked very hard in making sure that the school does not only get new buildings but it goes up to Standard 10.

The plea was accepted and that was when the school became a combined school. Sadly Mr Kosi pass away in 2004 then Mrs Louw-Balie became the first woman to be a principal at the school until 2017. After Mrs Louw-Balie, Mr Myona took over and officially became the principal in January 2018.


School mission

A vision of the school will be accompanied by:

  1. The professional staff and the department of education, through dedicated service and research.
  2. The learners, through committed participation in activities which develop their intellectual capacities, physical abilities and spiritual value system.
  3. Providing a social environment in which all the stakeholders will grow together to make a meaningful contribution to the society.


School vision

We aim at the promotion of a culture of affecting teaching and lifelong learning through the maintenance of the following structures:

  1. A professional team of educators.
  2. A dedicated family of learners.
  3. A supportive community of parents and friends of the school.

As the school we are facing many challenges that include inter alia:

  • Learners coming from poverty stricken families.
  • Drug and substance abuse by the learners is increasingly becoming out of control.
  • Drop outs even though it’s minimal.
  • Most challenges we are facing are mainly society based and sometimes they do affect us in a way that the learners come to school with challenges they are facing at home and it becomes very difficult to concentrate and it also affect their attendance.

Despite all these challenges and against all odds Hendrik Kanise has continued to churn out good Matric results. Last year 2019, Hendrik Kanise led the Makana Municipality township schools with an 83,3 % pass.


Contact Details


Hendrik Kanise Combined School,

26 Zote Street,

P.O. Box 5,



Telephone No. 042-2311233

Fax No. 0422311233

Enquiries : Mr M.P MYONA


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