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The Sports Excellence Programme is fully concentrated on producing dedicated and competitive sprinting athletes from Motherwell and Grahamstown. The programme is currently working with Enkwenkwezini Primary School nad Fikizolo Primary Schhol, where 20 athletes were chosen from each school.

In Motherwell, the programme started out with training sessions taking place at Enkwenkwezini Primary School at the end of each school day from mid-November. Eastern Province Athletics then provided us with their full support and paved the way for the Municipality to allow us to make use of the Motherwell NU2 Athletics Stadium for our training sessions. This provides our athletes the use of quality facilities together with top quality equipment to ensure they can perform at the best of their ability when required to do so.




In Grahamstown we have entered into a partnership with Rhodes University and have been granted access to the their sports facilities for training. In addition, the university’s Human Kinetics and Ergonomics Department oversees the strength and conditioning of our athletes ensuring that they are physically prepared for the demands of the sport.

There are 6 hardworking coaches that create and execute training programs specifically produced for our 40 sprinters. Sessions are geared towards improving the athletes’ general fitness, strength, power and finally speed. To assist with the process the athletes train at the beach once a month and then we will be taking them to the Westbourne Oval so they can see how some of the top sprinters in the province prepare for competition while they following their own training program. The athletes receive 3 training sessions a week, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 2:30pm until 16:30pm.

The athletes also have access to a Biokineticist that has done all required assessments to outline any weaknesses in their bodies. If they pick up any injuries the Biokineticist will assist in the rehabilitation of all injured athletes. In addition, they have been taken to a General Practitioner to receive an overall general check-up.

The goal for the Sports Excellence Programme is to develop the athletes to their full athletic potential so they can realise and maximise their potential.

Finally, the athletes receive motivational talks from different guest speakers, covering the need to set goals not only in sports and athletics now but academically as well.


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